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A few months back Megan and I had our bank account hacked.

You waste about an episode of The Walking Dead, sans commercial, waiting on hold to cancel your card and going through all your “til death” accounts (electric, cellular, cable, auto insurance, etc.) to ensure you don’t miss an auto bill pay.

But more frustrating is life without your plastic pal. In today’s world where we remote bank,  I have a hard time functioning without a debit card. I am transported like John Conner’s father in The Terminator to my elementary school days in order to remember basic mathematics.

See, I have to count money now instead of an efficient plastic swipe to ensure the cashier isn’t jipping me for my un-sweet tea (which happened twice so old world cash carrier do the math, literally).

So, what happens when we get annoyed? We share it with people of course. I re-told our recent security breach to a co-worker. I told them that the cyber thief must feel pretty stupid because they only stole $36.22.

The reply was provoking, “Depends on where you live.”

I never thought to check the purchase origin. My only concern was the invasive charge which surprisingly did not take place in the United States. The culprit? India. A Bangalore grocery store to be precise.

The question became, what is $36.22 worth in India?

I knew India had a large percentage of poor and low number of Christ followers but research was due to find the answer.

First, I looked at the worth of a dollar versus a rupee, rs, (India’s currency). Our friends at Google have a currency converter which promptly gives us the ratio of $1 equaling 60.29 rs.


India’s rupee in comparison to the U.S. dollar. Image Source:

So, $36.22 is worth 2183.70 rs. But that is just a number. I wanted to know the realistic day-to-day value by seeing what that number meant to average human in India.

A few dozen searches gave way to the answer. The per capita income for India shows the average person earned about 38,149 rs in 12 months which wouldn’t make your stomach hurt so much if it had a pre “$” instead of a post “rs”.

Bangalore traffic. Image Source:

Do the math. Or just trust me. That is $649 per year. And according to the World Food Programme an “estimated 32.7 percent of the Indian population lives on less than US$ 1.25 per day.”

They took 28 days worth of food. Suddenly I didn’t feel so mad. I felt grief.

As a Christ follower my heart weeps for people in need and statistically speaking India is only second behind China in population (and need) with about 1.2 billion. India is a country filled with great physical need but even greater spiritual need.

Operation World estimates less than 6% of the population is Christian in contrast to the dominate Hinduism at a bulging 74%.

I have never been to India. I won’t pretend to have seen their need with my own eyes. But now because of some stolen pocket change I have felt their need with my own heart.

Map of India. Image Source:

The question now becomes, how can we help?

There are over 500 villages that have never heard the name of Jesus in India.

You can pray. Missionaries are being beaten while a country who claims religious freedom looks the other way. They are called to a country to provide physical and spiritual relief. The shepherds are few but the sheep are many. How few? The ratio of non-Jesus follower to Jesus follower is 50 : 3.

You can send money. There many missionary groups and non-profits that are helping to provide food and medicine. I won’t include direct links or names here because I believe you should start with your local church. See if your community supports any organizations or missionaries in India. If not, then Google for an entity that does.

You can go. I am not saying everyone should sell their stuff and move to India; or, that everyone should take a mission trip to India. But not everyone is reading this article either. You are. And if you have a call to help connect the people of India to God then do it. Again, start at your local church and expand outward to find the right outreach for you.

Our God isn’t a god. He is the God.

Here’s the thing, I know the numbers don’t look good when it comes to sharing Jesus with all of India. So don’t look at them. Matt Chandler has said, “don’t be a math addict, no body likes a math head.”

His point about our human doubt is relevant. Don’t confine the creator of the universe by what our finite logic can process.

The time is now for us to get serious about not just our community or country but rather the globe.

Pray big. Pray bold.

  1. Tommy

    Very thought provoking . Our daily problems are real but seem small compared to $36.22 providing one months supply of food.

  2. Amy

    Loved this!

  3. Yvonne

    Getting caught off guard with
    Someone taking you money
    Is one thing! But not Showing,
    Giving, and Doing God’s Love & Work is another!
    Thank You for giving me information
    That I didn’t know . You are right
    Prayer is needed along with
    The help all fellow Christians .

  4. Erica Hardy Ryan

    A little investigating and effort can make a big difference. Thanks for sharing this

  5. Seth, I just came across this article and wanted to let you know this is one of the most interesting articles I have read in quite some time. For you to go from having your bank account hacked and all the emotional steps involved (anger, frustration, aggravation, and more) and arrive at the level of compassion for the thief shows Christ’s love in a tremendous way. For you to put the thought into this that you did and gain an understanding of not only the monetary needs of those in India but also to come to rest on the spiritual needs of those that wronged you truly speaks volumes about your character and your devotion to Christ. It reminds us all that the main reason we as Christians are here is to do the work of Christ and carry His name to all the ends of the Earth. What an amazing young man you are and you come from a family I am honored to Know . God has great plans for your life. God Bless You and Your family.

  6. Amany

    Oh my Gosh, that is so true and it is sad, i came from Egypt and I understand how they can live on $1.24, it’s too sad, but they have no choice, but we do have a choice to make their life a little better. 🙂

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